Monday, May 26, 2008

Learning materials provided by the Spanish state

Well, not exactly. But they ARE offering their television programs over the internet from now on. For free, gratis, gratuito. Some days ago I was reading the web edition of El País, like I do once in a while, when I came across this article. I appears that RTVE changed their website and added a feature which ables people from all over the world (yes, not only Spain, like a lot of Spanish television stations tend to do) to watch the programs broadcast the last 7 days.

In the past they only offered a 24 hour news service (which they still offer, but frankly: it's dull as ****), where you now can watch telenovelas and more. Fullscreen, good quality, YouTube-like (you MUST love YouTube. So get your *** over to, now!

Oh, besides, I'm still terribly busy with school. I'm still here, checking comments and answering them when possible or needed. Just give me some time and stick around.


Michael said...

Very cool. I'm on my way out of town to Mexico for a couple of weeks (yay!), but I will definitely be streaming me some Spanish TV in the near future :) Thanks for the update! My Spanish isn't good enough that I feel comfortable reading a newspaper yet... When every 3rd word is new to me, it can be frustrating.

Jeff said...

This is really cool, although I have a little bit more trouble with auditive Spanish comprehension than I do with written Spanish comprehension. I read through a Spanish newspaper everyday, but I just need to toughen up and try to watch/listen to these Spanish TV programs. It definitely is frustrating not to understand something that you're watching/reading, but ultimately, increased exposure to different mediums of the language will increase and improve comprehension. Thanks for the tip, Ramses!

Ramses said...

Michael: try the sentence method (I described it loads of times on this blog), it boosted my vocabulary-range like a madman.

Jeff: I'm just writing an article about rap music. Rap music and reggaeton helped me understanding (fast) spoken/sung text, and it's easy to listen to it hours and hours a day.