Monday, April 28, 2008

Back home

As you might have seen (did a small comment yesterday) I'm back. I went to Málaga last week for a small intensive course (way too short, but it was something arranged by my college) and a stay with a family. Staying with the family was great, the people were nice and the mother was a teacher herself. So not only I learned a lot from her, we also discussed learning methods (in Spanish, of course). The language intitute was just great. Normally I think classes suck in general, especially my college classes (I still attend my college classes, but at times I hate them), but the way the people at the institute were able to explain things... WOW!

The trip showed me some things that'll be valuable to you (and me, of course), especially regarding grammar. So expect some posts on that.

In the meanwhile I urge you to stick to your sentences. This trip was the first trip to Spain after I started doing my sentences on a daily basis, and the results were stunning. The family I stayed with were impressed by how well I could express myself (the correct use of different words, the vocabulary range, etc., etc.) and that my grammar was correct most of the time (I know I'm arrogant, hehe). And although I did some serious grammar studying next to the sentences, most of my speaking abilities (yes, speaking abilities from reading) came from the sentences.

Now I first need to switch back from Spanish-mode to Dutch/English-mode.


Jeffrey said...

Glad to see you've returned.

Where exactly in Malaga did you stay, as I was just there about three months ago? Were you taking just group lessons, or private lessons as well?

I think that it's really helpful to have a host parent that is an experienced teacher, because they really know how to relate to language-learners, especially if they have hosted students before.

I was definitely surprised by how easy my Spanish professors made grammar seem, just by the way they explained it. Looking forward to reading about what you learned at the school.

Ramses said...

I stayed at a family who lives in the El Palo neighbourhood.

Further; I took group classes, and personally I prefer those. And yes, the grammar IS easy, as long as you have someone who can explain it well enough.

Bilingual Blogger said...

It sounds like you got an ideal homestay. I'm looking forward to reading more about your Málaga trip and your experience there.

Ramses said...

Jeffrey: do you have Skype or anything similair? Send an e-mail, please :).