Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spanish natives are just cooler

Why are Spanish people cooler than the people from your own country? I don't know, just because they are! Ok, the truth is that you can simply learn a lot from them. Not only language-wise, but you will also learn a lot about the country where they're from. My class counts about 7 nationalities, of which 5 are from a Spanish-speaking country. Every day they teach me 'official' Spanish words, slang words and give me a better view on their culture. Not for the sake of learning, but just because they seem to be cooler I 'hang' with them.

My last stay in Spain I had the chance to spend time with some very cool people, from other countries than Spain (nor they were speaking Spanish like a native). Instead I choose to get myself some new friends, Spanish friends. In the beginning this was kinda hard, because where do you get a pack of new friends? Luckily I was visiting some Dutch friends who know a lot of Spanish people, so I was soon going out with Spanish people aswell. It simply boosted my knowledge of the language and increased my feeling for it. Besides, I also gained a bigger liking for Spanish.

Of course it can be tiresome for natives to always correct you or to learn you new things. You should be aware of that and not want to learn new things language-wise all the time. What you can do is spend some time talking about the differences between your culture and their culture. Often you will see that Spanish speaking people are really interested in completely other cultures. Even the fact that Dutch people have their supper at 6PM amazed a lot of Spaniards. This way you'll pick up some serious new vocabulary, understanding of the grammar AND get a better understanding of the customs of your new friends.

A lot of people say that the best way to learn a language is to go to the country where it's spoken. This can be true is some cases, but it's not fool proof. What will work is to get know some very cool, new, people where you go out with. They'll be happy to help you with your learning and you will pick up an understanding of a new culture aswell. The nice thing about this is that you can find natives in your own country. Go to parties where Spanish speaking people go to. For example; a few months ago there was a big salsa festival in the Netherlands. Some classmates of mine went and met some very cool Spanish speaking people. So don't say it's impossible, just look for the right opportunity. You will find your pack of Spanish speaking friends.


thomas (babelhut.com) said...

So what time do Spaniards eat dinner?

Rmss said...

The people I met, usually 10 or 11PM. I was once chatting with a Spanish girl who I met when she was in the Netherlands, and at the time I went to bed (11PM-12PM), she said she was going downstairs to have her supper.

When I was in Spain, we normally would go to have supper before we would hit the bars. Obviously, the people I went with were all Spaniards.

Jeffrey Hayes said...

I remember on the weekends I would have dinner with my host family at 10:30, wait for other friends to get ready, and then we would finally go out to the Discotecas at around 1am or 2am and stay out until 4am-7am...those were some of the longest nights of my life! I don't know how Spaniards do it.

And I also found that my Spanish friends were really interested in talking about differences between American and Spanish culture...they actually had quite a bit to say about politics, religion, and society in America and how it affects Spain and so many other countries in the world.

Alessandro Delgado said...

Dutch people have their supper at 6PM???

This is so weird! And I'm not even Spanish! Ok, ok, I'm latino, cus I'm a Brazilian lol...

Here we usually take ours at 9PM ~ 12PM, depending on the family.

Rmss said...

Oh yeah, or at least between 5PM and 6PM, depends on what you have to do that evening.

But it's mainly because in the winter it's dark early and it's waaaay colder.

Bilingual Blogger said...

LOL. I think the reason why some of us think Spanish people are so cool is because we're not trying to learn English, we're trying to learn Spanish! Being in a new, unfamiliar setting gets the adrenaline flowing and increases your attentiveness. Just be open to the experience and run with it, like you suggested. That's the best way to absorb the language and meet new friends.

Rmss said...

Hehe, yes, it does get adrenaline flowing :-).

Especially when you're in a Spanish-speaking country and you're able to have conversations with natives on a quite high level. It just makes you feel really good.